For Bio Mix Soil to work effectively, there is a fine balance between performance demands and functional characteristics. Most soils can function effectively in one of these areas but falls short in all of the areas.

Enough Infiltration

Many soils can confine water infiltration, and minimize the amount of surface water treatment provided by the retention system. Our Bio Mix soil provides a high enough infiltration rate to accommodate large amounts of water filtration. Where other soils limit the water drawdown, our bio mix performs at an optimal water filtration rate, providing sufficient water filtration.

Limited Infiltration

You might be asking yourself how a soil can have a large enough infiltration rate, without having too high an infiltration rate. As confusing as it may sound, it’s true. Our bio mix soil is designed to not only allow a larger amount of water infiltration, but is also designed to provide a limited amount of water infiltration. If the rate water enters the soil system exceeds its rate of processing water contaminants the water isn’t fully filtered, and the systems fails to meet its purpose. Unlike other soils, our Bio Mix is designed to allow an optimal amount of water filtration without producing too high a rate.

Promote Growth

As difficult as it is to find soils that optimally filter water, it’s equally difficult to find a soil that does all that while promoting the growth of plant life. Our Bio Mix soil does just that. With a uniquely formulated soil formula, you get optimal water filtration and treatment while promoting growth of vegetation. This provides an environmental improvement of healthy vegetation as well sustained long-term water treatment capacities.

In short, our bio mix is specifically engineered to provide you a low maintenance, cost effective way of sustained, natural water filtration. For more information about bio mix applications or to get a quote, contact us today.