River Sand Inc. has been the go-to source for construction sand, masonry sand and gravel in Greater Atlanta for more than two decades. All our construction materials are produced using our own stringent quality control standards, ensuring consistency and quality load after load.


River Sand Inc. has been a leading gravel supplier in North Georgia and Greater Atlanta for more than two decades. We can deliver our gravel in a spreader truck if you wish, to save you labor costs after delivery. Our most popular gravel products include:

  • #57 Crushed Stone – This crushed granite is perfect for driveways and French drains.
  • Crusher Run – Because crusher run provides a hard surface, it is most commonly used as a base for roads or in parking pads.
  • #4 Gravel – This stone is screened to ensure proper size allocation from larger stones to granular sizes.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt (Georgia red clay) is an affordable and safe option for filling in an area. Our fill dirt is made from best clay available with minimal rocks and debris. We offer high-clay content fill dirt as well as “sugar dirt” that is more granular.

Construction Sand

Our legacy of consistency and rigorous quality assurance keeps our construction sand in high demand with local builders, developers and remodelers. Our construction sand is perfect for your construction project, concrete mixing or filler for your job site.

Masonry Sand

We are North Georgia’s only masonry sand producer. We can provide you with the exact color and gradation of sand you need for your project, regardless of size or scope. Our masonry sand undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure it is simply the very best masonry sand on the market. Because we produce our own sand, you save the costs of a middleman, and we control the quality of our sand from start to finish.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your project. Just give us a call at 877-499-SAND. We look forward to serving you!