For more than 20 years, River Sand Inc. has been working hand in hand with Greater Atlanta landscapers to produce some of the most beautiful lawns in Georgia. We carry all the landscaping materials you need to create and maintain the lawn of your dreams.

Our landscaping materials are all carefully selected and produced to the highest quality standards. We offer environmentally products that work perfectly in our Southern climate.

River Sand Inc. produces many of our own products, meaning you save middleman costs and get superior quality because of our rigorous quality control standards start to finish.

Landscaping Materials

River Sand

Our river sand is natural sand that is not made from crushing rock. It is composed of natural quartz (silica) grains. We test all our river sand to make sure it provides a higher degree of hardness and durability in comparison to other sand providers.

Granite Sand

Granite sand is also known as M10s, granite dust, blue sand, gray sand, pond sand, paver base, sand screenings and many more names. Granite dust is considered manufactured sand, and it is gray, finely textured, and is easily compacted to a firm, smooth surface. Granite sand is often used as a base for pavers and for horse arena construction and footing.

Bio Mix Soil (best seller)

Bio Mix Soil, also known as bioretention soil or biofiltration soil, is a newly developed product for use in retention ponds. Bio Mix soil helps retention ponds better filter out contaminants from water, improving water quality and increasing vegetation growth. Bio Mix Soil is a low-impact way to create an eco-friendly retention system that really works!


PerfectSoil is the ideal topsoil product to promote plant growth, root penetration and water infiltration for all your landscaping and gardening needs.

PerfectSoil is:

  • Screened – To remove unwanted sticks, rocks, and debris.
  • Fertile – Dark, nutrient-rich soil promotes plant growth.
  • Loamy – Promotes root penetration and water infiltration.
  • pH balanced – Adjusted for optimal growth of most plants.
  • Contains the right amount of organic matter – Enriched with enough organic matter to hold nutrients and water to improve soil tilth.
  • Free from red clay that inhibits plant health!

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt (Georgia red clay) is an affordable and safe option for filling in an area. We choose the best clay available with minimal rocks and debris. We offer high-clay fill dirt as well as “sugar dirt” that is more granular. Fill dirt is NOT preferable to plant on, but with the addition of PerfectSoil on top of your fill dirt, you can make any area perfect for growing a gorgeous landscape.

River Rock

River rock, also known as deco rock or egg rock, comes in beautiful earth tone colors and varies in size from 1 to 3 inches. It’s very popular in landscaping because it is eye-catching, requires no maintenance and is virtually indestructible. River rock is a great alternative to paving because it offsets heat and allows water infiltration.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel comes in an array of gorgeous earth tones and ranges from dime-sized to quarter-sized. Pea gravel is a great, long-lasting addition to any landscape and it is almost maintenance-free. It also offsets heat and allows water infiltration, making it a great alternative to paving.

USGA Topdressing

Topdressing is a thin layer of material on top of the thatch in which bermudagrasses grow. Topdressing is the most effective treatment to control excessive accumulation of thatch in the root zone. Topdressing accelerates decomposition of thatch buildup and reverses its negative effects. It also helps level surfaces, improves drainage and alleviates problems with acidic, compacted clays. River Sand Inc.’s topdressing meets all strict USGA standards proven by the golf industry.

Ultradwarf Topdressing

Our ultradwarf topdressing is made specifically for high-density ultradwarf Bermuda grasses, which are quickly becoming the turf of choice for Georgia golf courses. Our ultradwarf topdressing is finer than traditional topdressing to ensure it penetrates through the finer ultradwarf grasses. It is also naturally colored green to blend in to the turf. White ultradwarf topdressing is also available upon request.


River Sand Inc. offers several different types of mulch including natural, colored, cypress, and Kid-Safe Playground. Mulch helps to keep unwanted weeds at bay and retains moisture. As it decomposes, it releases enriching nutrients into the soil. We use only the finest hardwoods to produce our natural mulch. We can also create mulch using waste from your other landscaping endeavors, creating a significant savings for you.

Pine Bark Nuggets

River Sand Inc. offers two sizes of pine bark nuggets: regular (1-3 inches) and mini (approx. ½ inch). Pine bark nuggets look great, prevent weed growth and retain soil moisture. However, the nuggets do float, so they should only be used on flat areas to prevent loss. As the nuggets decompose over time, they will release enriching nutrients back into the soil.
We can help you choose the perfect product for your project. Just give us a call at 877-499-SAND. We look forward to serving you!