Whether you are building a new baseball field or maintaining an existing one, RSI’s products are your best option for performance. Our AMP baseball infield dirt and AMP baseball mound clay are custom blended to your specifications. They are designed to work with Greater Atlanta’s sudden storms and get your players back on the field faster after a rain event.

Our topdressing sands provide the ideal gradation for alleviating compaction, eliminating thatch, allowing water infiltration, and promoting root penetration on baseball field grasses. RSI also offers a premium selection of soil products to keep your outfield looking fabulous.

Infield Products

AMP Infield Mix

We’ve been providing premium AMP Infield Mix to baseball fields around the country for more than two decades. Our baseball infield dirt is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and performance enhancing. AMP Infield Mix facilitates proper drainage to get players back on the field faster after a storm. We can analyze your field and create the perfect clay/sand blend to give you the playing conditions you desire.

AMP Mound X

Our AMP Mound X is a high-density baseball mound clay for use around the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box. Mound X is firm and durable, enabling you to reshape depressions to the desired level. It’s screened to eliminate rocks and to give it a loose consistency for easy use.

Outfield Products

USGA Topdressing

Topdressing is a thin layer of material on top of the thatch where grass grows. Topdressing control excessive accumulation of thatch in the root zone, accelerates decomposition of thatch buildup and mends its negative effects. Topdressing also helps level surfaces, improves drainage and eases problems with acidic, compressed clays. River Sand Inc.’s topdressing meets all strict USGA standards proven by the golf industry.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your project. Just give us a call at 877-499-SAND. We look forward to serving you!