River Sand, Inc. takes projects from start to finish, literally. Dredge design and fabrication is another aspect of our business where we actuallys build a dredge from the ground up. Our fabrication facility allows us to incorporate the field experience gained into the very design of our dredges for the next project. Dredge manufacturing is a tool that gives us an edge on production and efficiency, and contributes to years of successful dredging. We custom design each dredge to be versatile enough for specific projects. Manufacturing of support equipment, such as barges and booster pumps, is another integral part of our fabrication facility.

Mining and environmental dredging have many similarities but often incorporate different strategies for the amount of material moved and the type of material moved. RSI can design a dredge capable for use in lakes, rivers, ponds, mining, sand and gravel, gold, or other types of dredging. Many of our projects have a high vertical head requiring a specific performance pump to carry the slurry to the elevation needed to dispose of material. RSI works with pump manufacturers to get the highest efficiency pump available. All dredges are manufactured with portability in mind. Most dredges are one truck transportable and the others are componentized for easy on-site assembly with a crane.