fall lawn care tips for landscaping
These fall lawn care tips will save your landscaping from the coming harsh winter.

The year is winding down, the weather is gorgeous, and you think you’re done with landscaping for the year … but you’re not! Fall is the right time to get your yard prepared for the harsh winter. Follow these easy fall lawn care tips to ensure your lawn lasts the winter and brings you a beautiful spring!

The fall months are essentially the winterizing months for your lawn. They are preparation months and require more unique work than during the spring and summer. But if you want to be the envy of all the neighbors, and have that lawn that’s ready to emerge from the winter, take the time now to do it properly.

Remove dead leaves from your landscaping

Grass is a plant, and as such, it needs sunlight to grow and flourish. Fall includes leaves falling, so it’s easy to see how one affects the other. Have you ever seen a lush green field in the middle of the woods? No? There is a reason for that. So rake the leaves and let your grass breathe and bask in the of the last warm days of the year.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating is an important process in lawn care. By poking holes in your yard with a quality lawn aerator,  you ensure that sunlight, water, and air penetrate below the surface and nourish the root system. The results are healthy blades of grass with robust stems ready to withstand the cold. Also, topdressing is a good idea at this time to control the accumulation of organic matter leading to excessive thatch and unhealthy growth.

Plant new grass seed

Beef up your lawn by reseeding it before it gets too chilly. This is a great time to provide support to the lawn system by adding new seedlings to the lawn. It also helps to fill in the bare spots that a summer drought may have left or that aeration made room for.


How else will seedlings get their start? Fertilizer is essential for growth. Be sure to check out your local nursery for fertilizer that’s specially made for winter protection and your specific climate conditions.

Mow low

The last mow of the season is different from other mows in that you will want to cut the grass a bit lower. In the summer, it’s better to keep the grass higher off the ground and allow it to maintain constant, sustained growth. This ensures proper weed control and keeps the grass stems robust and hearty. But as winter sets in, it’s better to cut a bit closer to the ground to protect grass from the cold and to keep it from being overexposed

Need help with fall landscaping?

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