If you’re looking for landscaping materials to upgrade your Alpharetta, Ga, home, look no further than River Sand Inc. For more than 20 years, River Sand Inc. has been supplying Alpharetta residents and businesses with everything they need to keep their lawns looking head-turning beautiful.

If you’re building a new home in Alpharetta, you’ll want to check out our construction materials. River Sand Inc. offers a variety of construction sand, masonry sand, gravel, and other construction materials that we produce right here in Georgia. We serve not only Alpharetta but the entire Greater Atlanta and Northeast Georgia region.

Alpharetta is famous for its gorgeous horse farms and passionate equestrians, and River Sand Inc. helps our local equestrians perform at their best with riding arena sand. Our arena sand offers the best in both drainage and cushioning because of its unique shape and custom blending.

As a rapidly growing area, Alpharetta is home to an ever-increasing number of schools – and those schools need exemplary sports fields! River Sand Inc. helps those baseball fields look great with AMP baseball infield mix and AMP baseball mound clay. We create custom blends of sand and clay to provide optimum performance depending on the needs of the players.

If your home is lucky enough to have a lake, pond or stream on the property, makes sure it stays beautiful and healthy with mechanical and hydraulic dredging services. Dredging removes excess sediment buildup from the beds of bodies of water, improving water quality, storage capacity, and the aquatic habitat. If your pond is looking murky or breeding algae, dredging is a simple, low-impact way to restore your water feature to its former glory.

Alpharetta’s golfers will settle for nothing less than spectacular when it comes to their golf courses. River Sand Inc.’s long-standing relationships with Alpharetta golf course superintendents means we intimately understand the needs of our area’s golf courses, and we provide premium quality golf bunker sand, divot sand and topdressing to keep our local courses looking spectacular.

Alpharetta customers, give us a call at 877-499-SAND. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer all your questions and get you started on your next project.