River Sand Inc. offers the the best topsoil in North Georgia and metro Atlanta period!

We deliver bulk soil from as little as 1 ton up to 1,000s of tons, in various size dump truck loads.  Or if you have your own dump truck come pick up a load of topsoil at one of our many locations throughout North Georgia.

We blend many different engineered soils but topsoil is the most popular for general landscaping, planting grass, laying sod, gardens, raised beds, tree and shrub soil, and filling in low spots in your lawn.

PerfectSoil is simply our preferred blend of topsoil for the optimal properties most projects require. PerfectSoil is the ideal topsoil product to promote plant growth, root penetration and water infiltration for all your landscaping and gardening needs.

This is what separates our topsoil from all the other dirt:

  • Screened Topsoil – screening removes unwanted large sticks, rocks, and debris.
  • Fertile – dark brown, nutrient-rich soil promotes plant growth
  • Sandy Loam – soil texture promotes root penetration and water infiltration, especially here in GA with high clay soils
  • pH balanced – neutral to slightly acidic 6.5-7 pH for optimal growth of nearly every plant
  • Organic Matter – PerfectSoil, our blended topsoil, is enriched with the right amount of organic matter to hold nutrients and water to improve soil tilth
  • No red clay – free from red clay that inhibits plant health and compacts easily

Simply put, once you see and run your fingers through our topsoil you will know why plants love it even more!

River Sand, Inc. is your local source and largest producer of Sand and Soil.  We have what you need for all your landscaping projects, whether at home for your lawn or on your construction project. Quality is what separates our soil from other dirt.  Keep in mind that we can blend or engineer any soil you need for any purpose or soil specs.  Different terrains require different soils, and we intimately understand the soil needs of the areas we serve, such as Gainesville, Cumming, Alpharetta, Milton, Dawsonville, Buford, and all of North Georgia. We’d be happy to help you choose the right soil for your location and project.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your project. Just give us a call at 877-499-SAND. We look forward to serving you!